Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random Vanity: ELF Studio Single Eyeshadows

Quick reviews of random picks from the vanity...

ELF Studio Single Eyeshadows
$3 at Target stores/

Pebble, Saddle, Raspberry


in order as above
Pebble-medium matte grey shade
  • I love using this shade for adding soft definition to my crease. This cool-toned grey shade adds a little more interest than your typical medium matte brown shade.
Saddle- golden bronze shade with a satin finish
  • I love wearing this shade all over my eye lid for a soft, summer eye look.
Raspberry-plummy burgundy shade with a satin finish
  • In my opinion, this is the most versatile shade of the bunch. I wear it all over my lid or in my crease. I enjoy lightly blending this shade through my crease and up onto my brow bone with a fluffy brush to warm up just about any eye look.

My Thoughts...

I recently rediscovered these ELF Single Eyeshadows while browsing my makeup collection and my love for these shadows has been rekindled! These shadows are smooth, pigmented, and blendable. These neutral shades are great staple colors for any one's collection. I have worn these shadows together, separately, or in conjunction with just about any eye look I can think of...and they're only $3!

Quick Tip: Though I'm extremely satisfied with the texture and pigmentation of these shadows, they can be a bit powdery. I would recommend using an eye primer or base to give these shadows something to stick to...because you want these pretty shadows on your eyes, not on your cheeks.