Thursday, February 28, 2013

NYX Plump it Up Lip Plumpers: A Review


In a quest to make myself more of a "lip product person", I have been spending more and more time in the lip gloss sections when browsing for makeup recently. I picked two NYX Pump it UP Lip Plumper glosses with the hopes that they would somewhat mimic my beloved Buxom lip glosses. I picked up two shades...Kim, which is a creamy nude/peach shade, and Liv, which is a clear gloss I picked to layer with other lipsticks...should I like the effects of these glosses.

Frame of Reference...
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish gloss sensation: Oh that's nice, it feels like I just brushed my teeth
NYX Pump it Up gloss sensation: Holy Crap! My face is being stung by bees! I think the active ingredient is pepper spray...I'm just saying

Yep, that sums it up...Buxom has a minty sensation (I wouldn't even call it a tingle) but the NYX glosses definitely have more of a "sting" effect. It was not unbearable by any means, but definitely a step up from the refreshing Buxom feel and my lips did appear a little fuller than before. The feeling lasted about five minutes and then felt like a totally normal gloss. The first time I  applied these glosses, I applied them to bare lips and felt the "tingle" almost instantly. As I have been experimenting with these glosses over the last couple of days I have noticed the "tingle" effect does not seem to be a strong as the first time I used them. Maybe I was use to the sensation and knew what to expect, but it seems these glosses have lost a bit of their potency after a few uses...and the "after tingle" plumping results were not as strong. I also found that if I layered these glosses over a lipstick, I could not feel the tingling what so ever, so my thought process for buying a clear gloss to layer,  was completely pointless.

Kim is a pretty peachy shade in the tube but it does apply quite sheer on the lips. Liv is clear and applies...well...clear to the lips as well (shocker). Aside from the shades Kim and Liv, all of the other glosses from this line were very shimmery and even glittery so none of them really interested me. As far as purchasing other shades...I think I'm good with my choices.

Overall, I enjoyed these glosses. Kim gave me a sheer peachy wash of color to my lips and I did enjoy the mild plumping effects. I like the fact that I have options when using these glosses. If I want the tingle, apply them to bare lips for a natural look and if I'm not in the mood to be stung by bees, I can layer them over a lipstick and have no sensation what so ever.

Would I repurchase...

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