Monday, March 4, 2013

All Nude Review: Physician's Formula

If there is one driving force in my makeup obsession, its a neutral palette. I am on a never ending mission to find the perfect nude or neutral shade...drug store, high end...I do not discriminate. This series is a nod to that obsession...the All Nude Review.

From top: Physician's Formula Nude (original), Classic Nude, Warm Nude, Smoky Nude
I have owned the Physician's Formula Nude palette for well over a year or so and it continues to be a go-to, quick grab product in my ever expanding vanity. It's small, convenient, wearable shades, nice pigmentation and application...a pretty look in a hurry. I was excited to see that Physician's Formula had recently released three new installments to this line to include a classic, warm, and a smoky palette.

Please note, all of these shadows in all of these palettes have the same the same shimmery if you're looking for ain't gonna find it here. This would normally be a draw back for me but seeing how these are my "in a hurry palettes", I don't mind. When I'm in hurry, I don't have time to fart with dimension.

Nude (original)
The most "all encompassing" of the palettes
Shimmery champagnes, warm & cool taupes, deep brown and black shades
*still my favorite of the bunch*

Random swatches

Classic Nude
pinky champagnes, neutral taupes from light to darker, medium warm brown shades
This palette was the one I was most on the fence about when I purchased these but out of the three, this is the one I like the best on the eye.

Random Swatches


Warm Nude
pink shimmery, bronze and gold tones, warm deeper brown shades
As the name implies, this palette will give you a very warm golden bronzed eye look. This palette screams summer beachy look to me, very sun kissed and effortless

Random Swatches

Smoky Nude
sparkly silver and gold finishes, warn browns, a few black shades with gold sparkle
This palette had the most "flash" on the display but I was disappointed with the finished look it gave me. The pay off was mediocre, and the shadows were not near as sparkly as the appeared in the pan. Not impressed with this one.

Random Swatches

Would I repurchase...
Yes. Maybe not all of them...ok, yes...all of them.


  1. The original and the warm nude are amazing!!
    'Maybe not all.. ok, yes.. all' this reminds me of me lol
    Great swatches :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, that's the name of my game...overkill! I just peeked at your blog...and I'm loving it! Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for the comment (you're my first one! wooo!)

  2. I could not get the original one to work for me at all :( It just had no pigmentation at all, I even dug into with my fingernail trying to get some pigment. Nada. What a bummer because it seems to work for everyone else.

    1. Don't you hate when that happens!! Its so aggravating! And these little guys aren't cheap (for drugstore makeup) so it sucks you got a dud :( Thanks for taking a peek at my blog, I'm loving yours as well!!