Monday, March 11, 2013

In the Spotlight: Cold Weather Lip Combo

Like most, I'm still feeling the effects of the cold winter air on my skin, especially my lips. It seems I have been on a constant search for the perfect lip balm to moisture and protect my weather-beaten lips. I have tried many balms and treatments over this past winter but few have matched the healing and restoring qualities of this combo...

During the Day...

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm

  • Contains Vitamin E and Aloe
  • Contains Sunscreen/SPF 15
This smooth, ultra moisturizing formula gives me that instant relief, medicated healing feeling of traditional Carmex, without that waxy feel on the lips. The small, slant tip makes application quick and easy...and I don't have to stick my finger in a pot...bonus!

At Night...

Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy
White Petrolatum Lip Protectant
  • Active Ingredient: 77.4% White Petrolatum
  • claims to repair and nourish as you sleep
  • claims to restore visibly healthier lips in 3 days
Its safe to say I saw healthier lips after just one night. I would go to sleep with red, painfully chapped lips and would wake up to completely smooth and moisturized lips. This thick, rich cream would stay on my lips all night, without feeling waxy or sticky at all. Very soothing and repairing product!

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