Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Cover Girl Single Eyeshadow Collection


My Collection...

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Single Eyeshadows
$3.50 at drugstores
French Vanilla, Champagne, #760 Tapestry Taupe
in order as above


French Vanilla- matte cream shade
This is a nice neutral shade I use for a brow bone highlight. Nicely pigmented but can be a bit chalky

Champagne-shimmery champagne shade
Pretty neutral (not too pink, not too gold) highlight shade. I use this shade under my brow bone or on my cheeks for a shimmery face highlight

Tapestry Taupe-shimmery taupe shade
One of my favorite taupe shades. Beautiful everyday neutral shade, very wearable
#445 Golden Sunrise, #730 Swiss Chocolate, #740 Brown Smolder
in order as above

Golden Sunrise-shimmery golden bronze shade
I like to sweep this shadow all over my lid for a pretty golden eye look.
Swiss Chocolate- reddish brown with fine gold shimmer
My least favorite shadow of the bunch. The pigmentation is lacking and the gold sparkle seems to just fly everywhere instead staying on my eye. Not impressed with shadow at all.  
Brown Smolder-matte medium brown shade
This is one of my favorite brown shades to blend into my crease, Very smooth and pigmented, great everyday shadow.


My Review...

I've found that brands like Cover Girl are very hit and miss. Some of these shades are absolute favorites in my collection and I can't be without them while others are a complete mess right from the start. My definite stand outs are Champagne, Tapestry Taupe, and Brown Smolder. The hot mess award goes to Swiss Chocolate. I had such high hopes for this shade because it looks really beautiful in the pan...but that's about it. The swatching, pigmentation, application, and fall out with this shadow is a complete nightmare. This is the only shade in the bunch that I would not repurchase. 
Check out my Makeup Daily 3/4/2013 post for an easy eye look using Tapestry Taupe and Brown Smolder



  1. love the natural colors! nice review!
    xx M

    1. Thank you...and for 3 dollars a pop, you can't beat them. I'm loving your blog btw. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my post and comment!