Saturday, March 9, 2013

Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need in Drea: A Review

All Eye Need in Drea

I took a chance on another Charlotte Ronson product even after my disastrous experience with the 3X A Charm palette that I recently reviewed (full review here) because I knew there was something to this brand...there were too many positive reviews about this company...and I was bound and determined to find those products. This palette originally caught my eye because of the shade selection...a cool steely grey shade, a rich matte black and a couple of very warm peachy apricot shades thrown in. I find it very hard to pull off cooler looks with my fair skin, so I was intrigued by this palette...

Sephora Exclusive
Contains four eyeshadow shades
Black, plastic packaging, mirror included
"Each shade contains LFT (Light Filter Technology) which automatically adjusts pigments based on your lighting"

light peach shade, warm apricot shade, slightly shimmery grey shade, matte black shade

in order as above


Total redemption...this was a complete turn around from my previous experience with the bronzer/blush palette. While these shadows were still incredibly powdery, I was able to keep that under control using a nude eyeshadow base. The shadows are smooth, pigmented, and easily blended. As a fair-faced girl, I appreciated that this palette included the very warm peach and apricot shades, which made pulling off this look so much easier. I find cooler shades give me a harsh feel and this look came off very wearable.

I enjoy the mostly matte aspect of this palette, and even with the shimmer in the grey shade...the overall finished look has a satin finish at best...not overly shimmery at all. I think this adds to the wearability of this palette.

One thing to mention, when I originally bought this palette and got it home, I opened the box to find the shadows were all shattered...I had to run and exchange it for a non-damaged product. I'm guessing that the powdery/super soft consistency of these shades make them very fragile and this would not be an ideal palette for travel...definitely handle with care.

Such a huge improvement from my previous Charlotte Ronson experience. This palette has definitely renewed my interest in the brand and I'm actually looking forward to trying more of these eyeshadow quads. Very impressed...this palette took an other wise difficult look for me to pull off and made it very wearable. Again, as with the Light Filter Technology thing, I saw no "light adjusting pigments" or anything like that, just pretty shadows.

Would I repurchase...

On the Eye...

For this look, I primed my eye with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded (nude shade, this made a huge difference in minimizing fall out). I tapped the grey shade all over my lid, blended it out with the matte apricot shade and used the light peach shade as my brow bone highlight, then ran the matte black shade through my entire crease. I used a cream liner to line my upper and lower lash line and then smudged it slightly, using the black shade. I added the grey shade to the inner portion on my lower lash line and then blended out the entire look with the apricot shade. I added a dark grey pencil liner to my waterline and applied massive amounts of mascara to finish the look.

Add a little more black shadow to your outer corner and some false lashes and this would be a really fun, dramatic night time look


  1. I stumbled on this today while looking for a new way to use my Drea palette. I loved this look and am wearing it right now. I'm really enjoying the look of your blog and the close attention to detail. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much...what a wonderful compliment! I do put a lot of work into this so its nice to hear that its appreciated! I really love this Drea palette, I just purchased Nicole and Henrietta and will be posting about them soon if you're interested! Thank you again for the comment!