Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Skincare Haul

Bioderma, Refined Coconut Oil
I recently picked up (and ordered) a couple of new products to add to my skincare routine in the hopes of aiding my dry, irritated skin problems.

$30/bottle from

I think just about everyone has heard about this product at one point or another but I decided to give this stuff a try after reading an empties post from the lovely Amanda of Beauties in Bloom in which she raved about this product. I, like most, have struggled to find a makeup remover that will remove my makeup without completely dissolving my eyeballs with irritation. My eyelids are especially sensitive and this has gotten substantially worse since I've started blogging and adding more makeup products to my daily rountine. So...we'll see, I've used this product only once to remove my makeup and I must say....not the slightest bit of stinging or I've got high hopes!

Coconut Oil
$7 from Whole Foods
(located in the baking aisle)

This is another completely raved about product that I wanted to try out for some time now. Coconut oil has many uses from baking to hair care but I wanted to give it a try as my nightly moisturizer. I've done some research and I've run across claims from "brightening" to "dark spot fading" so I was interested to see how this stuff holds up. I have spent quite a bit money on pricey moisturizers and night creams so if all these skincare benefits can be achieved for $7 and a trip to my local Whole Foods...then I'm definitely willing to give it a shot. Again, I have only used this product a couple of times but the oil did absorb into my skin nicely and when I woke, my skin did feel very soft and we're off to a good start.


  1. Oooh I really hope you love the Bioderma!! Looking froward to hearing your thoughts about it! I've only used coconut oil on my hair and I'm obsessed with it---I was having some scalp issues and it got rid of them in a week--love it!

    1. I was actually just looking up coconut oil hair treatments last night....let me know if you know a good one. So far, I'm loving the Bioderma...its a very "where have you been all my life?!" moment. Thanks so much for recommendation, you've saved my eyeballs! Haha!

    2. I'm so glad!!! That's how i felt after a week of using it too lol!! For the coconut oil I just warm it up in my hands and slap it onto my scalp and all over my hair. Ill either leave it overnight (and sleep with a towel on my pillow) or leave it for an hour and then wash it off! Works great :)

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