Friday, March 1, 2013

Buxom The Headliners Collection: A Review

No introduction needed...the allure of Sephora has done it we go

This collection contains five of Buxom's best selling products. The idea behind this set is to create a smokey eye and nude lip combo using these products.

Buxom The Headliners Collection
$42 ($92 value)
*Sephora exclusive, online only, and limited edition
Stay-There eyeshadow in Pug
Insider Eyeliner in Onyx
Amplified Lash Mascara in Loud Black
Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Sydney
Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Dani

cream shadow in Pug
The Eyes...
The cream shadow (Pug) may be my favorite thing from this set. It's a pretty silver/taupe with a lot of sparkle. Like all cream shadows, I use them as an eyeshadow base to make my powder shadows more vibrant. The cream glides onto your lids and the color/sparkle is almost instantly opaque. Even when used as an eyeshadow base and then topped with powder, the cream shadow still shows through. The texture is kinda cool almost has a bouncy-like feel. My shadows stayed vibrant and crease free all night...awesome.

The Insider eyeliner in Onyx was also nice to work with. Creamy, opaque, deep, pigmented black formula, easy to smudge and then sets in place. I topped this liner with a black shadow (like I would any pencil liner) and did not have an issue with fading or creasing through the night. I can't say that I would spend the money for this liner on it's own because there are cheaper eyeliners out there with the same quality and staying power.

The Amplified Lash Mascara in Loud Black would probably be my least favorite product from the set (but only if I HAD to choose). The formula was a little on the thin side for my taste but did not smudge or flake on me at all. It gave me nice length but not quite enough volume...I can find better at the drug store.

I recently used these three products in a Makeup Daily post, check that look out here

I have never been a huge lip product fan, especially when it comes to lip gloss, but these Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish glosses have shown me the light! I love the texture on my lips...not uncomfortably sticky but enough grip to make them long lasting. I also love the minty sensation... it feels like I just brushed my teeth! This is a sheer pinky/purple shade with slight silver shimmer...very wearable. This was my first experience with the Big & Healthy Lip Stick and I also really enjoyed this product. Sydney is a creamy (no shimmer) nude shade that is flattering on my fair skin tone. I like to pair this lip stick with a dramatic eye for an opaque nude mouth. These lip sticks also have the same minty, just brushed your teeth feeling as well...I'm a fan.

From top to bottom: Lip Polish in Dani, Lip Stick in Sydney, cream shadow in Pug, and eyeliner in Onyx

Overall, I'm very happy with this set. It gave me an opportunity to try a few products that I normally wouldn't pick up, with the safety net of a couple of personal favorite products included too. My stand outs in this set would have to be the cream shadow and lip products. The mascara...not so much. The formula was a little too thin for my liking and didn't give me a lot volume.

Would I repurchase?
For sure.

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