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Charlotte Ronson 3X A Charm Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer: A Review

3X A Charm in Shoshana
 I've heard Charlotte Ronson's cosmetics described as "under rated" or "not buzzed about enough" so I was interested to try some products from the line. Like a lot of makeup lovers, I'm always in search of the perfect bronzer shade to flatter my skin tone. That is what initially drew me to this product. I was even more intrigued when I read the reviews (like I always do) on the Sephora website and there were several mentions of this being the "perfect shade for fair skin" so this product was first on my list of crap to buy at Sephora.

Charlotte Ronson 3X A Charm in Shoshana
Sephora exclusive
"Features LFT (Light Filter Technology) to automatically adjust its pigments based on your lighting. The result is the perfect glow under any light, day or night."
Palette is about the length of my hand and contains three large powder pans
Palette includes large mirror

Bronzer, Blush, Luminizer

Bronzer, Blush, Luminizer

Phase 1: Assessment
My first thoughts: wow, this bronzer is really yellow, this blush is really bright, and this highlight is really shimmery.  Big pans, a lot of product...neat

Phase 2: Swatchage
Apply finger. Rub gently. My first thoughts:...holy crap! a blushy powder storm! damn it, fall out on my pants! now I actually have to wash these! I just stretched them out again.

Phase 3: Application
Note to self: avoid powder storm, use a light hand and fluffy brush. Dispatch fluffy brush. Powder storm avoidance attempt: failed. Product everywhere. Alas, I have out-smarted the product by coming prepared with sweatpants and a bib. Apply to skin. My first thoughts:...yep, that bronzer is really yellow. yep, that blush is really bright. I was wrong about the sparkly highlight...its not sparkly, its not's nothing at looks like I just rubbed chalk on myself.

Phase 4: Finished Look
My first thoughts were...perfect, I have yellow skin with fluorescent pink cheeks...I'm officially Krusty the Clown.

Phase 5: Review
As you can imagine, not great. The "powdery-ness" of these powders is unreal...I mean, never in all of my 29 years have I experienced such a product explosion of dusty fury! Never before have I had to think to myself "I've got to get ready to go out tonight...maybe I'll wear that Charlotte Ronson bronzer...oh hell, I have to go change out of my good jeans! "

 This is not the only makeup first I experienced with this review...Never before have I encountered a bronzer that was quite this weird of a yellow hue. As for the "Light Filter Technology", unless my vanity lighting decided I should look jaundiced....or like I'm on The Simpsons, I saw no sort of  "adjusted glow" to my face at all. I looked down right sickly...but sunburned. The type of pink flush achieved with this blush can only be found at the beach...after 12 hours...with no sunscreen.

So let's move on the luminizer...well...I have nothing to in it did all. Oh wait, it did give me an ultra flattering chalky finish to my skin. Perfect...cherry on the sundae.

Clearly I did not enjoy this palette. Yes, that bothers me. For $28, I could have easily gone to the drug store, got myself some NYC Sunny bronzer, picked up a new Milani Baked Blush, and grabbed a Wet N Wild Reserve Your Cabana for a highlight and still had enough money left over for some of those delicious Sour Patch Kids that I love. Not impressed...but fear not...I will continue to try products from this brand because I believe there is good makeup in this world and my product-testing spirit will not be broken! or I'm just of the two.

Would I repurchase...
No...but this experience was comical, which is always a plus :)

The Look...using only this palette for face and eyes

I applied the bronzer all over my face, a very sheer application of the blush to my cheeks, and the highlight to my cheek and brow bones. On my lip: Maybelline Color Whispers in Lust for Blush
Trust me, this photo is much more flattering than in "real life"
I used the bronzer in my crease

Here is a much more concentrated swatch of this bronzer on my skin...very yellow

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