Saturday, March 2, 2013

NYX Cream Shadows: A Review

In an attempt to break my bad luck streak with NYX products that I've been experiencing lately, I picked up a couple of their cream bad could they be right?? Ughhh, really we go...

I picked up two shades...Musk, a coppery shade, and Chocolate, a deep bronze shade.

Chocolate, Musk
Swatching Phase...
These shadows went on beautifully. Pigmented, smooth, blended out nicely...perfection. Red flag number one: the packaging clearly has "water resistant" printed on the tube. When I went to wash the swatches off my hand, they vanished soap or rubbing required...weird.
Chocolate, Musk
Chocolate, Musk
A total nightmare. Again the initial application was fine. I used the doe foot applicator to put them on my lids and the color was really pretty. The trouble came when I started to blend. With all cream shadows, I first apply them, blot away the excess product (to prevent creasing) and then blend out the color into my crease. When I started to blot, the product practically faded away to nothing, it's like I blotted all the product right back off. I had no color pay off on my lids at all. Then, what little bit of product didn't wipe right off, dried almost instantly making it impossible to blend out, leaving me with horrible harsh shadow lines. The "finished look" was patchy, unblendable, and had poor color pay off. Since I was getting ready for work and did not want to completely remove them and start from scratch on my face make up, I thought "no problem, cover it up with powder shadow." Nope...wrong again. Even the powders I layered on top of the creams were patchy and hard to blend. It took many layers of powder to correct the problem. Layer, blend, layer, blend, layer and blend again. It probably would have saved me time if I would have just removed the product and started again, rather than spending all that time trying to fix the problem.

Chocolate, Musk

Overall, biggest NYX fail yet. I can literally do nothing with these shadows.

Would I repurchase...
Definitely not.

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