Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Vanity: NYX Collection Noir Powder Liners

Quick reviews of random picks from the vanity...

This is a product I picked up some time ago from HEB (for those of you who don't live down south, HEB is a grocery store chain with a randomly awesome beauty department). I've been trying to break out of my "winged liquid liner" comfort zone I've been living in for some years now. I thought this might be a way on softening up my liner look but still giving my eyes definition.

These liners look like typical liquid liner pots from the outside, but instead of liquid, the pots contain a fine powder. Instead of a small brush applicator, these liners include a thin doe foot-ish/sponge applicator that is used to apply the powder to the lash line. This is supposed to create a smokey, smudged out eye look.

My thoughts...I thought the powder was very smooth and easy to "smoke out" but the amount of fall out from these liners is no joke. You HAVE to tap, practically beat, the wand off after you pull it out of the pot or you will look like you were in a bar fight...and lost. It would definitely be best to do your foundation and concealer drill after your eye makeup...which is something I hate. Even after my eye makeup was applied and my foundation and concealer was on, I still noticed a bit of powder on my cheeks. This leads me to believe if you did not use a primer or some sort of sticky base before applying these powders, not only would you have initial fall out, but also fall out through the day.
Now since I am usually a liquid wing girl, I did not think these liners gave me quite the definition I was looking for on their own. I enjoyed applying a pencil liner to my upper lash line, smudging it out with a Q tip then topping that with these powder liners. I finished the look by using what was left on the applicator to smudge into my lower lashes. This gave me a more saturated but still smokey and soft effect. The pigmentation of the black was a little lacking for me. It was more of a charcoal shade, which is pretty, just not black. I preferred the warm tone of the brown liner much more.

 I liked the look these liners gave me but they definitely did not give me the "swipe and go" experience that I expected. They took a lot of work to first build up to the intensity that I wanted, and then clean up the big mess that was left on my cheeks...which is something I'm rarely in the mood for.

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