Friday, May 17, 2013

NYX Love in Florence Eye Shadow Palette in #05 Sunsets With Sophia: A Review

#05 Sunsets With Sophia
$7.99 (at Ulta)

"Sunset With Sophia" Eyes, Fresh Pink Cheeks, and Glossy Pink Lips
For a full list of products used for this look:

From Left:
Shimmery pink champagne shade, medium shimmery gold shade, dark brown with gold sparkle
medium matte brown shade, medium shimmery champagne shade

in order as above

On The Eye...

My Thoughts...

I'm a little torn with this you can probably tell from the swatches, the pigmentation is lacking to say the least, the shadows are powdery and the color selection is a little on the boring side (but I knew that going into this purchase). The overall quality of this palette is pretty poor...but with all that being said, I'm really happy with the way the finished look turned out! Somehow the lacking pigmentation and boring color selection came together to make a really pretty, neutral eye look! Funny when things work out that way!

Would I Repurchase...
I guess so. The individual shadow quality is pretty poor but I'm really happy with the way the finished look turned out!

#09 Merci Beaucoup


  1. Funny how palettes can work that way! On their own, the shadows aren't great, but together they work so well! Thanks for the review :)


    1. Agreed! It's so nice when it works out in my favor! Thanks for having a look at my post!

  2. Great review! Works well with your eye colour - hazel/ light brown?