Saturday, May 11, 2013

Random Vanity: Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in #50 Taupe Temptress

Quick reviews of random picks from the vanity...

#50 Taupe Temptress
$7.99 (at Target)

I've always heard great things about these quads from Maybelline but for some reason I never picked one up until now. I picked up this quad in Taupe Temptress from Target for $7.99. I'm sucker for anything taupe or eggplant so I had high hopes for this palette.

in order as above
From Left:
Sparkly white shade (very flaky texture)
Sparkly rose shade (not very pigmented)
Sparkly taupe shade
Sparkly eggplant shade (appeared like more of a weird brown/grey shade on the eye)


  • nice shade selection (I love a good taupe/eggplant eye combo)
  • pretty, sparkly finish (in the pan)


  •  mediocre pigmentation
  • flaky texture
  • large amount of fall out
  • shimmery/sparkly finish did not translate onto the eye (the sparkle just fell out onto my cheeks leaving me with a basic satin finish eye look)
  • finished eye look appeared muddy (the shadows just blended together, leaving me with no definition and a boring, bland, grey-ish eye look)

Overall Review...
Not impressed. This quad left me with a "nothing special" eye look and sparkly cheeks. People generally seem to love this line from Maybelline but I obviously picked a dud. I will probably try another quad from this line in the future but not for a while...not until I get over the disappointment of Taupe Temptress.

Would I Repurchase?


  1. :( This is why I normally stay away from drugstore eye shadow unless it's a shade I've heard people rave about. I hate wasting even a few bucks. What a shame, the colors are super pretty!

    1. Ugh, I's so frustrating to hear awesome reviews about a product and then it doesn't work for you. I hate wasting the money and storage space! Grr!

  2. I have one of these and it really pigmented, I wonder if the formula isn't consistent? Always a bummer when you pick up one that is disappointing!


    1. Yeah all of the reviews and swatches of these quads have been fabulous but with this one its like they just tried to cram in a bunch of sparkle and didn't bother with any sort of pigmentation! Bummer!!

  3. Wow, the swatches really do show up differently on the skin from in the pan. Sorry this was a disappointment! But thanks for the review :)


    1. I know, bummer! But at least I can hopefully save someone else from a bad purchase!