Thursday, September 19, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Palette VS Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Shimmer #3 Palette

I recently picked up the Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Shimmer #3 Palette and I couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance to the Urban Decay Naked Palette.
Let's swatch, shall we...


Urban Decay Naked
12 shades
Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Shimmer #3
($20 at Target stores)
12 shades
My Thoughts...

     Though these palettes are very similar, it would be far fetched to call them dupes for one another. Both palettes are buttery, smooth and have great pigmentation but the Naked palette does come out on top with overall formulation.

The color selection is very similar in these palettes except for the one faltering component of the Sonia Kashuk mattes. But duh, it says that on the label: Sonia Kashuk Shimmer palette so I can't  hold that against her. With that being said, I think you could create some really pretty neutral eye looks with both the Naked and the Eye On Neutral Shimmer #3 palette.  These palettes do have quite a wide price difference so if you're not dying for those 2 matte shadows in the Naked palette, I'd say save yourself the thirty extra bucks and go with the Sonia Kasuk Eye On Neutral Shimmer #3 palette. Don't get wrong though, I would never say the Urban Decay Naked isn't worth every penny of that $'s an amazing palette. It's just nice to see similar products popping up in the drugstore at a more affordable price.

Would I repurchase?

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  1. Sonia Kashuk's Eye On Neutral series has two different palettes. The #03 palette is all shimmers. The #02 is all mattes and comparable to the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, but perhaps a better value with more shades for less money. I use the SK mattes and find the quality to be wonderful.