Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour in Black Karat

Black Karat

photographed face on in dimmer lighting

  • $23
  • "ultra blendable and versatile"
  • "this eye color can be applied dry for an even wash of color or wet for a more vibrant effect."
  • khaki green and black baked eye shadow with gold veining
  • shadow is about the size of a half dollar coin
  • I purchased this at Sephora, however the website does not state that this shade is exclusive to only Sephora
photographed at a different angle in brighter lighting


swatch applied dry, swatch applied wet

swatches photographed in natural light

 The Review...

What can I say? This color is gorgeous. I rarely (as in never) buy high end single eye shadows. I prefer to buy palettes and kits because they are generally a better value...but I've been seeing this eye shadow floating around YouTube and blogs recently and I instantly knew...she must be mine.

Dry Application:
  • slightly gritty texture
  • sheer bronze/brown/gold shade
  • pretty shimmery finish

Wet Application:
  • smooth, creamy texture
  • saturated green/gold shade
  • gorgeous metallic finish, very opaque
This typical dome-shaped baked shadow comes in simple, sleek plastic packaging that isn't too bulky so its easy to store...which I love.

I'm in love with the versatility of this shadow. I definitely don't mind the $23 price tag because this shadow can easily be used to create an entire multidimensional eye look. I think this shade is an "unexpected" neutral that can be used to create a soft, day time look or a dramatic night out look. I'm so excited to experiment with the versatility of this shadow.

Keep an eye out for a Makeup Daily and a Dramatic Eye Tutorial using this new Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour in Black Karat!


  1. The wet application is.. WOW..! it looks like liquid green gold (if that make sense..)!!
    But the price tag is beyond what I can think of paying for a single shade.. :/
    Looking forward to a makeup look using this shadow, I know you'll make a fantastic look, I just know it :)

    1. I agree that the price is pretty steep for one eye shadow but its so versatile and pretty....I couldn't help myself!

  2. Gosh, this is stunning! So rich and shimmery. Looks wonderful applied wet. Thanks for the review! xo


    1. Thank you, isn't it just gorgeous when applied wet?! I'm looking forward to putting together a few different looks with this one!

  3. That's so pretty! I like how it looks when it's wet.

    1. Thank you, I definitely prefer this shadow wet too!

  4. I like my gold shadows with depth and attitude. This one looks like a keeper. :)

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