Friday, April 5, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello all! I'm so excited to share this post with everyone because I've been nominated for 2 Versatile Blogger Awards! I've cheated just a tiny bit and combined them into one post...hey, I could barely think of 7 interesting things about myself...much less 14 interesting things!

I was nominated by one of my favorite, newly found bloggers, Desi from Dollface Beauty. Her blog is full of helpful reviews and product recommendations. She has a wide variety of interests, awesomely unique style, and always has something sweet and positive to say. She's an amazing blogger so definitely go check out her blog!

I was also nominated by another lovely lady named Nika of Nika's Beauty Land. She's a beautiful girl with lots of tips and tricks to share. I was nominated by Miss Desi last week for this Versatile Blogger Award and was planning on nominating Nika but before I could, she nominated me! Go check her out!

Thanks so much to Desi and Nika for my nominations!

The Rules...

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and link back to their blog.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Select 15 blogs that you recently discovered or follow regularly to nominate. Let those blogs know that you nominated them.

7 Things About Me...

1. I live alone in a one bedroom apartment. No husband, no kids, and no pets. I'd love to have a dog...but the rest, I'm in no hurry for.

2. I LOVE animals. If it has fur...I want to pet it and give it a hug.

3. I'm a night owl. I work the night shift in a hospital and even keep those hours on my days off. My most active hours are from 3am til about if I'm posting and commenting at all hours of the night...that's why.

4. I was very overweight as a kid/teenager. I felt too chubby for clothes and too tall for most shoes (I'm 5'10") but makeup always made me feel better no matter what I looked like. Makeup played a huge part in my growing up process. It helped me feel more confident, strong, and independent. I hope to help others find that same confidence through makeup.

5. I have never liked the color pink...not even as a child. Unless its blush, I love pink blush.

6. I bite my nails...I know, gross.

7. I eat candy everyday.

My Lovely Nominees...

Amanda from Beauties in Bloom
Chrissy from ChrissyLilly
Kendra from Beauty By Kendra C
    Don't forget to send me a link in the comments section if you decide to do this post!


  1. Yay, what a fun read! I'm definitely the same way with animals. My boyfriend teases me cus I want to stop and pet every one that walks by ;) And thanks so much for the tag! Will definitely let you know if I do the post! xo