Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Vanity: Revlon Cream Eye Shadow Palette in Midnight Express

Quick reviews of random picks from the vanity...

Midnight Express
swatches in order from left to right:

shimmery green shade, metallic silver shade, rich matte black shade
bright metallic copper shade, shimmery white shade with sparkle, deep plum with silver sparkle

The Review...

I must say, I was pretty surprised at the pigmentation of these swatches. Most of these shades applied evenly and smoothly to my skin, with the exception of the shimmery white shade which was patchy and not pigmented at all. I mean, look at that matte black rich and saturated! I love the shade variety of this palette as well. I can create a bright, spring look with the green shade, a beachy bronze look with the copper shade, and even a dark, dramatic night time look with the silver and black shades. A really versatile palette!
Though I can achieve a lot of different looks with these shadows, don't think you're just going to sweep these creams on your eye, run out the door, and have a rich eye look that lasts all day...that just isn't going to happen here. You will be a hot, smeared mess by the time you get to your car. To prevent this, I primarily use these creams as eye shadow bases rather than stand alone eye shadows. I first apply an eye shadow primer, apply these creams in a thin layer, and then top them with a powder eye shadow. This is the best way I've found to keep my look vibrant and crease free all day. They require a little extra work, but I think the finished eye look is worth it.
Would I repurchase...
Yes. I hope Revlon releases more of these cream palettes in the future.


  1. Where did you get this? it is so pretty!!

    1. I picked this up a couple of months ago at HEB (a grocery store) but I still see it occasionally at random drugstores. Hopefully they'll release more in the future! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my blog!

    2. No problem, I think your blog is amazing,,,, and I hope they do,,, I havent seen it anywhere in my general area,,, hopefully soon tho =)

    3. Thank you so much, I'm enjoying your blog as well!

  2. Wow, this looks really nice! Haven't seen it in-store yet. I think the plum and copper shades would be particularly nice as eye shadow bases :)


    1. Yes, they are! I love that the plum shade has nice brown tones to it as well, very versatile color. I haven't seen this product around very much, not very promoted...which is a shame! You always have such sweet and positive comments, they really brighten my day!

  3. This are pigmented! I am really surprised as well!


    1. Me too! This was a great little find! I hope they release more soon!

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